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Honey Crispy fried banana recipes and how to make

February 7, 2015
How To Make Fried Plantains Recipe Honey Crisp. One of the obligatory fasting for us and perhaps even majority community also Indonesia is fried. There are many different kinds of fried foods that we normally prepare for Iftar menu, such as Tempeh Goreng, Fried sweet potatoes, Rissole, Bakwan, fried banana, fried banana Fan and more. But because the menu was just that sometimes we ourselves are tired and want other variations. To that end, here I will be referring a friend to make the menu open fast with basic ingredients of fried bananas with Honey Fried banana.
If friends are fans banana variety of food and happen to live in the area or worked in Jakarta may have already tasted the delights Recipes Banana Fried Honey Mom Nanik. Yes, fried banana honey recipes delicious indeed and he was already well known among the culinary enthusiasts. But here we will not make the same persih fried banana with its brand Bu. Nanik. We will try to make his own Honey Fried Bananas are no less kemanisannya and crispness, delicacy of taste.
Maybe among friends thought why not buy it. More practical and the price was very affordable. But for the friends of friends who had less time to prepare its own menu of Iftar at home, make your own Honey Banana Recipe is definitely more spots for you. In addition to making your own busyness, fillers will certainly be more frugal. In addition it may just be the result would later be made into one of the opportunities for business and increase earnings.
Fried Crispy Honey Banana Recipe
Banana Fritters recipe Honey crisp and Sweet
The ingredients of the recipe fried banana Honey Crisp
The main material used is a bunches of Plantains that have already matured. Types of bananas can be replaced with a banana or other type of Uli, but definitely different deliciousness if using plantains.
the original 300 ml Honey (adjust the also with a lot of his banana to be on though later). 250 ml to rub on top of the fried banana was ripe and the rest of the ingredients to mix the dough.
Wheat flour is typically for fried foods or having a protein are as much as 125 grams.
Salt beryodium as much as a quarter of a teaspoon.
Clean 250 ml water (check also keencerannya so the levels at a later date).
Rice flour as much as 1 tablespoon.
White sugar Powder as much as 1/2 tablespoon.
How to make Fried Plantains Recipe Honey ala Bu Nanik
The first step to make so the first. Grab one container that is large enough. Put the flour Protein medium, salt, rice flour, powdered sugar and honey 50 ml.
Mix above ingredients until blended. Enter the water little by little white garment while still in the mix. Insert bit by bit until the batter in a can fit (not too dilute).
Peel bananas and dividing into two parts. Repeat for all the bananas to be fried.
Prepare a frying pan and heat over medium heat. The contents of the oil a bit much so that all the bananas to be fried later submerged during the ripening process.
Enter the Plantain slices into batter. Once enough bags only. Stir slowly into minya FRY. Carefully against splashes his fried minya. Based on penglaman, enter pisangnya from the edge of time is kind of pushed to the middle.
FRY till cooked and colored dark brown. Remove and drain.
Lamuri outer layer of fried banana honey is ripe with honey a little to strengthen aromas of honey.
Be added to Mesis/coklta Granules, grated cheese or other ingredients for variety.
Indeed judging from his appearance, this Crispy fried banana Honey look not as good as fried banana fan. The colour is slightly blackish brown, but it reasonable once given the sugar content in Banana and honey is a little black and burnt if the FRY. But for taste, the banana Fritters Recipe Honey Crisp is not inferior to other variations of the fried bananas.

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