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How to easily Make a recipe Beans Ketapang is crisp and Tender

February 7, 2015
Beans Recipes Ketapang Tender. Create a muslim friend friends shortly celebrating Hari Raya Lebaran, must have been busy preparing the dishes and cakes that will be presented at the time of the Muslim holy day. A few days kemararin, I've given you some cake recipes, such as lebaran Kua Nastar, Kastangel Cake, snow white and others. This time, I'll invite friends to create one type of pastry lebaran which can be said must exist in the table the dish later, namely baking Beans and crisp Tender Ketapang.
There are countless variations of Cake Seed Ketapang is usually served. Friends would ever hear the Seeds Recipe Ketang NCC, seed Ketapang salty or Seed cake recipe Ketapang cheese. In essence, all variations on the recipe has ingredients ingredient makers that are almost similar. How to make it was almost the same. At least there are some additional material that makes it different, such as sago flour, cheese or perenyah cake.
There is actually no know exactly why this cake is named seeds of Ketapang. But if baseball's one of Ketapang Woad. Perhaps because of its tiny seeds are similar to cause a lot of people call it so. To make the recipe Beans Ketapang sebernya not too hard. The ingredients of the ingredients were easily can we be in store shop around the House. But because there are still many who do not know how to correct this rsep materials and ingredients, most of which we are more than happy to buy it than make it themselves. For friends of friends who have little time and intend to make it yourself at home, please read under Yes.
Prescription Plush Ketapang Seeds
Making Seed Recipes Ketapang Tender
The ingredients of the recipe tender and Crispy Ketapang Seeds
Grated coconuts around 150 grams. Use the old half coconut fruit so that the result will be crisp.
The wheat flour has a protein content was as much as 400 grams. Sift in advance so that really smooth.
Chicken eggs as much as 1 point.
White granulated sugar (do not use granulated sugar colored a bit yellow) as many as 150 grams.
Margarine (brand according to taste, but are advised to use one of the famous brands that has a more savory flavor) as much as 100 grams.
Vanilla to taste.
Salt beryodium as much as a small scoop or 1 teaspoon.
Half a litre of cooking oil or customize with a wok that will later be used for frying.
How to make a Padded Ketapang Seeds
Break 1 egg a chicken into a container. Whisk until blended.
Enter 150 grams white sugar, 1 teaspoon salt and vanilla to taste. Mix the three ingredients with Whisk egg until just now really well blended.
Grab one container again. Put the grated coconut and mix until blended with 400 grams of wheat flour protein medium.
Stir in the flour mixture in a container to the two into the batter in the container first. Mix all ingredients until blended.
Enter your 100 grams of margarine into the main dough. Mix together using your hands or on knead until kalis.
Shape rounded dough lengthwise (like betuk bolpoint or markers). Cut the dough with a little tiny bit of yesteryear gone Askew.
Heat the skillet into the minay on medium heat. Enter to taste and fry the Cakes until done or Ketapang Seeds are light brown. Repeat until all the batter is used up.
It's not too hard to make the recipe the Ketapang Seed tender and savory. In addition to fill kesibukkan, create your own cake is shaped similar to a cake coconut roots also more efficient. Who knows there is a friend of friends, family or neighbors who are interested and intend to buy it. Can be used as one alternative to add to earnings right. Ideas for variations of the cake recipe and another, lebaran cuisine please try our Nastar Recipe or recipes Rendang The famous delicacy and power tahanya. Good luck and please share also to your Facebook or Twitter friends and family.

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