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February 14, 2015
COFFEE RECIPES COFFEE TYPICAL CHARCOAL JOS JOGJAKARTA. Kopi Joss is coffee that is found in the 19th century, pioneered by merchants in the surrounding area there Tugu station who was popular and widespread in the early 20th century. We as providers not to be outdone and unleashed a similar coffee products with different taste and more exciting. This coffee is black coffee mixed with charcoal. Here is what distinguishes our charcoal. Our disposable charcoal use wood that has been preserved corpse Pharaoh in Egypt. So with this there was a great import of charcoal a marriage between Java Coffee with charcoal Egypt. You will find the experience you've never felt when drinking Coffee this Yogya charcoal. This jos coffee then we share again into two divisions, namely: JOS COFFEE
Jos 1 x coffee
Jos 2 x coffee
1 x and 2 x this is a large number of charcoal put in coffee. So why would we just give the option to 2 x is because if too much then the coffee will be less and less and it could spill. The more expensive the more charcoal coffee.
Joss, coffee is coffee that has a unique construction method with a given coal charcoal. When this hot kopi tubruk is given or dimasukkin charcoal is hot, then the coffee will issue a toned josss votes resulting in the name of the coffee.
Efficacy and benefits of coffee this jos many researchers acknowledge that low levels of superiority appraised since the method of manufacture neutralized by charcoal. Charcoal is heated at temperatures above 250 ° Celsius would be a useful activated carbon binds to toxins and pollutants. However, he said, carbon activated could reduce coffee dregs, bind toxins, and fix the aroma. Want to try making it myself please try the recipe below.
Ground coffee (Arabica coffee Gayo) may be another black coffee pake
Hot Water
Granulated sugar
Charcoal is clean (burnt up red) disposable bamboo charcoal can be times yes same mas Indra asked Al Fatih bamboo charcoal seller in Indonesia. ... hehe
Seduh ground coffee and sugar (depending on taste) with boiling hot water into a glass
Charcoal heat input into the glass to prepare No. 1 pint
Kopi Joss/typical Charcoal Coffee Jogjakarta ready serve

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