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February 13, 2015
THE SOLO BRIDE SOUP RECIPE. Cooking soup or Sop bride is not a pair of newlyweds from Central Java or Yogyakarta which was eating soup or sop photograph narcissist uses tongsis, but only the name of a type of confectionary from the city of Solo. It tastes delicious too and after dicicip worth can be a star.
Curious what it looks like, we'd better make it alone, if it's in Java called sop sop manten solo, which notoriously is tasty and sop manten mbah Atmo, I myself have not been eating and tasting it maybe later I went to a meet Fahmi Mas Solo a bloggers aspire to want to succeed with status-status on facebook problem mate, I think I already want to get married this Fahmi. the question of who his partner huh? ... hehe.
1 free-range chickens, cut into 2 parts break
1.5 liters of water
50 g cooked macaroni, boiled
2 carrots, cut into sticks
150 g button mushrooms
6 tbsp green peas
2 stalks celery
1 stalk celery
1 whole nutmeg memarkan
1 tbsp margarine
1 tbsp cooking oil
5 grains of red onion
1 tsp pepper granules
1 tsp salt
Topping: fried onions
Poached Chicken with leeks and celery until tender, remove the diced chicken meat, set aside.
Heat the margarine with cooking oil, Saute frying until aromatic seasonings, Add nutmeg, insert it into the broth and boil again.
After simmering, stir in carrot, button mushrooms and peas cooked collards, enter after macaroni Cook briefly lift.
Prepare a bowl, serve warm sprinkled with fried onion.

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